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Metallurgical Research Center ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (LPNMRC)



Metallurgical Research Center ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd. (LPNMRC)

    Metallurgical Research Center ( Thailand) Co.,Ltd. was orginally a testing laboratory belonging to LPN Plate Mill Public Company Limited and established on 25th March 1995, whose the objective was to used in analysing Machanical, Chemical, and Nondestructive tests.

On 19th August 2003, our laboratory started giving services for other organisations under the name of Testing Laboratory of LPN Plate Mill Public Company Limited.

As we never stop moving forward, on 10th January 2008, Metallurgical Research Center (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. came into the picture. It became independent and extended the services to testing various types of metal, weld metal test, nondestructive test , and chemical test conducted by talented staff, whose experiences were more than 10 years. Therefore, the testing services were qualified, fast and convenient.

Metallurgical Research Center (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. is one of the best laboratories in Thailand, which is completely equiped with High-technology masuring and testing equipments. Its standard is certified to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by National Institute of Metrology (Thailand). Even though, we are using High-Technology, we continuously create new technologies to meet several needs of customers.

According to the qualities stated above, LPNMRC has become well-known and trustworthy company for testing and analysing various types of metal which are conformed to many national and international standards such as ASTM, JIS, BS EN, ISO. As the result, we have got many prizes from many Private and Goverment organisations, institutes, and even from other companies. LPNMRC is now proud to give customers the best metallurgical testing services.